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2005 Temporary Workers Bill of Rights Model Act

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A model act that provides certain rights to temporary workers. A temporary worker is defined as any worker who is not a permanent employee. The act requires that the employer of the temporary worker provide notice to the temporary employee the rate of pay, the type of work to be performed, the duration of the assignment, a description of potential hazards on the work site, whether the employee will be responsible for special attire while working. The act also requires temporary employers pay temporary employees who are performing substantially the same type of work the same compensation, that temporary employees receive a rate of pay at or above the minimum wage, and compensation if the temporary employee is required to use his or her own vehicle for the temporary position. The act prohibits the employee from being charged for clothing or equipment needed for the job. Finally, the act prohibits the employer from preventing a temporary employee from taking permanent work, and requires that the employee have access to water and restrooms.
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Job and Workplace Standards, Temporary and Contingent Workers, Wages and Compensation
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Labor Rights and Protections, Labor Rights and Protections, Labor Rights and Protections
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Contract Work, Subcontract Work, Contingent Workers
temporary and contingent workers